Friday, November 15

Frost Finale

Title: Frost Finale
Size: 7 x 10
Watercolor on paper
for sale $75

The last bouquets before frost are so grand.
Are they a fireworks, a funereal tribute to the season, simply an abundant last chance,
or a source of faith that Spring will come again?

This one contains Sheffield Mums, Cosmos, and Scabiosa.

In a National Geographic Articleauthored by Michael Klesisus, he writes that  flowers first appeared over 130 millions years ago, during the Cretaceous period. In geologic times, this is relatively recent.
He goes on to say that” if all Earth’s history were compressed into an hour, flowering plants would exist for only the last 90 seconds. But once they took firm root about 100 million years ago, they swiftly diversified in an explosion of varieties that established most of the flowering plant families of the modern world.”
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“Today flowering plant species outnumber by twenty to one those of ferns and cone-bearing trees, or conifers, which had thrived for 200 million years before the first bloom appeared. As a food source flowering plants provide us and the rest of the animal world with the nourishment that is fundamental to our existence. In the words of Walter Judd, a botanist at the University of Florida, “If it weren’t for flowering plants, we humans wouldn’t be here.” - See more at:

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